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Archive for May, 2012

Finding House Sitting Services

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Just image if your were to return back from your holiday to discover your home had been damage by fire, your most valued possessions had been stolen, damaged by whether or any of the many disasters that could happen whilst your home is completely left unattended. House sitting is where responsible professionals and retirees are willing to live in your home whilst you are away on vacation to care for your valued possessions.So if you don’t pay anyone to watch your home, they’ll treat it like garbage. But if you do pay someone, they will take extra special care to make sure that everything is like it was, sometimes even better!

When you begin a search of house sitting services the first thing you must find out is if the company that you hire out to is licensed and bonded. Just like a plumber or a roofer, house sitters must be bonded in case something goes wrong while they watch your house. Plus, this really helps reduce the number of possible fraudulent companies that may just rob you. Another thing you should do is look up online if the company has any discrepancies with former customers and read up as to what they are. It’s very important to read what it is, and not just toss a companies name out because you see a tiny red flag. Remember that there are some customers who just like to start problems no matter what, so check if that was one of them.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to view profiles online of possible house sitters. Read through these carefully. Look at the age of the sitter. A lot of retired people like to house sit to earn a little extra money now and then, so some of them may not be able to take care of the house if you have pet Dobermans. Also, not every sitter can handle pets due to allergy concerns or something else, so if you have pets, make sure that the sitter you chose can handle pets. If you really, really want to be safe you could perform a criminal background search online with the name that the agency has given you for the sitter. This is totally legal, but it does cost money.

As you can see searching for house sitting services can be a cautious game to play, but if you know how to play the system, then you should feel safe leaving a stranger in the house. Good luck.

Odessa Apartments

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

There are not many hotels located in Odessa and if the tourists all stayed at the hotels located downtown, they would be overcrowded with people. While the hotels in Odessa are great looking, very appealing outside and in, people still prefer to rent an Odessa apartment so they can get the full experience of the town.

The normal price of an Odessa hotel varies from forty dollars per night for a three star hotel all the way up to three hundred dollars per night for a five star hotel. Now, you do need to beware when you are looking into the star rating of these hotels, for a three star hotel in the states you are getting a pretty decent hotel, for a three star hotel in Europe, you are most likely going to get a one or two star hotel experience. The Palace Del Mar, Mozart, Arcadia Plaza are some of the top five star hotels in Odessa, while the Chernoye More, Passage, Londonskaya are a few of the lower class hotels which are still popular among tourists.

When it comes to renting an apartment in Odessa, the price varies from thirty five dollars all the way up to two hundred and fifty dollars. The price all depends on whether the apartment has one bedroom or three bedrooms and it depends on the standard you are looking for. The standards of Odessa apartments are divided into three different sections: standard class, economy class and the luxury apartment.

Economy class apartments usually include a bathroom (with shower), a telephone that does not allow you to make international calls, a television, no hair dryer, no iron, no washing machine and no Jacuzzi spa. This is the class that is the most inexpensive and it is based for those travelers that are strictly looking for a bed.

The standard class apartments usually feature internet access, chambermaid service, new furniture, living room apartment from the bedroom, hair dryers, cable television and a refrigerator. The standard class is definitely one step above the economy class and it is basically for travelers that want a little more out of their room.

Finally, the high-class apartments feature everything that the economy class and standard class both have, plus a lot more. High-class apartments usually have Jacuzzi spas, telephones with international lines, separate bedrooms/living rooms and they can usually accommodate up to five people.

So as you can see, before you go on a trip you will need to do a little bit of research to figure out where you want to stay and what class would best suit your needs.

DP Odessa Apartments is an unconquerable alternative to Odessa hotel rooms in Ukraine. Their apartments are your best choice for your short stays in Odessa Ukraine. They offer exclusive and best quality apartments and villas at very inexpensive rates, in the heart of Odessa and Arcadia Beach area. Renting an apartment, for a short or long term stay, has become a great alternative to booking a hotel room for many foreign tourists and businessmen, due to its convenience, space, privacy, luxury but most of all – affordability. For more than nine years we have accommodated guests in comfortably furnished and fully equipped apartments and cottages in Odessa, Ukraine.

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