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Famous Eco Tourism Destinations

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

With concerning the different aspects of travel and tourism, Eco-tourism is now appealing the conscious individuals both socially and ecologically. As of now every nook and corner of the world celebrates World Environment Day on June 5th, every year and believe to plant even a small tree in their premises. Eco-tourism features the vibrancy of flora and fauna, which are the proud treasures on the Earth. And owing to their safety a number government approved wild hubs and parks have been set up in the various countries of the world.

The wild life gallery in South Africa features the 292 mammals, 13 endangered, 15 vulnerable and 13 near-threatened species, which are highly looked at by the visitors. Yet, Eco-tourism in the country is still at infancy, responsible parties and environmentalist are directly involved in the nature-based tourism here. Majuli Island largest river Island in India is located in the Brahmaputra valley in Assam and covers an area of 1080 sq.km. The island features the snow-capped mountains or the warbling mountain springs and Eco-friendly visitors often find the place as a paradise on earth. The tourist friendly state-Kerala in India shimmers with the waving green banana leaves and coconut groves. The vast landscape carpeted with the tea-plantation is not only meant for Ayurveda but also to appreciate the greenery overlooking the backwaters. Besides, the wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala like Periyar, Wynad, Silent Valley and Eravikulam are popular ecotourism destinations.

Eco-friendly trip is indifferent from any other types of tour activities. But the place of pristine natural beauty comes under threat with the ecological imbalance or rather careless task of human-beings. There fore, before participating in any Eco-friendly tour programme, check out some handy tips, cited as follows: Avoid picking up or playing with marine animals. Avoid ordering sea foods caught using destructive methods such fish bombing, drift net fishing and cyanide poisoning. Try out the environment friendly water-sports like sailing, surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling in pollution free area. Know how to avoid disturbing marine lives and do collect dead specimens on the beach and not in the water.

The Rise in Popularity of Ecotourism Holiday

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Nature will be the major beneficiary as ecotourism grows as an industry, because those who take an ecotourism holiday will be helping to preserve the environment as they enjoy themselves. In fact, proponents of this relatively new field know that ecotourism education focuses on how travelers can conserve rather than exploit during their vacation trips.

The idea of environmentally friendly travel has been around for years, but the industry itself is quite new. Over the past 20 or 30 years, ecotourism’s role in elevating social and ecological issues has increased. To put it simply, ecotourism is catching on, with printed information more widely available and organizations forming around the globe. This is true whether you’re visiting Anchorage Alaska or Javea, Spain or anywhere in between.

In addition, the public is exposed to an increasing amount of information as ecotourism is marketed as an industry. Advertisements and travel seminars spread the word about remote regions of the world that are becoming ecotourism destinations. While these locations will not offer luxury accommodations, golf courses or amusement rides for the children, they will provide relaxation and education, along with the chance to make a difference with this important social issue.

Such environmentally and socially friendly holidays will take travelers to an area of the world where the natural world is quite different from any other place. But the emphasis will be on living and moving in this world, leaving it undisturbed, rather than taking pieces of it home or changing it. As many socially conscious travelers know, it is best to take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.

One of the key factors in making ecotourism work is the reduction in number of man-made structures found in these remote and beautiful locations. Fewer buildings and more undisturbed plant and animal life are two goals of ecotourism. Proponents of this philosophy firmly believe that these goals can be reached while providing the local population sufficient revenue for their needs.

As more people learn about the possibilities of ecotourism, these wonderful parts of the world will become more popular as holiday destinations. If pursued sincerely, as a new type of vacation travel, ecotourism can be beneficial to all involved. The local population can thrive while traditions and customs survive. Travelers can relax and enjoy, while learning about, rather than exploiting, the local resources. Most important of all, the environment remains intact, preserved for future generations.

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